Minimize your taxes
Maximize your wealth

If you have a small business, successful side hustle, or own rental property, you'll pay more in taxes than you need to.

If you feel like you're behind where you should be with retirement savings, or don't know where to start with a better tax plan, don't worry- that's how most people feel!

Learn how to reduce your tax bill, save more for retirement, and understand the best options for paying for college.

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Hi 👋 I'm Jed, a Certified Tax Advisor.

In 2010 I became obsessed with optimizing taxes and saving for my own early retirement, when I realized my CPA wasn't being proactive to really help me plan. Many CPAs can point you in the right direction, but very few of them have personally, directly used as many of the advanced strategies as I have:

Small Business Savvy
  • Partnerships, S-Corps, LLCs
  • Selling businesses on installment
  • Tax-free income for your kids
  • Health care deductions
  • Employing your spouse
  • Augusta strategy
  • Joint venture profit sharing agreements
Real Estate Expertise
  • 1031 exchanges
  • Opportunity Zones
  • Out-of-state rentals
  • Section 8
  • New apartment building development
  • Hard money lending
  • Fix-and-flip
  • Seller finance transactions
  • Solar rebates
Retirement & Education Solutions
  • Self-directed: Solo401(k), IRA, & even HSA
  • Real estate investments
  • Personal loans
  • Private equity
  • Cryptocurrency
  • 529 plans
  • Funding kids' Roth IRAs for college

If you're looking for someone to just clean up your bookkeeping and file your taxes at the last minute, I'm probably not your guy.

Let's chat.

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